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Here at Calzedonia, we take satisfaction in completing a look with the best finishing touches, that is we have served up an extensive collection of men’s socks, featuring styles for all & any occasions!

Long socks

The cashmere or wool long socks are perfect for protecting and warming your feet during the winter months. The men’s lisle thread socks, on the other hand, adapt to your style all year round!

Ankle socks and no-show socks

If you prefer a shorter style, choose the men’s ankle socks or no-show socks. Calzedonia has a fabric suitable for every temperature: cashmere for winter, light cotton and fine lisle thread for the other seasons.

Socks for all occasions: for sport and at home!

Our men’s sport socks are ergonomic, comfortable and made from natural, breathable materials, perfect for when you exercise. The sport range not only offers good performance but also comfort and quality. For relaxing moments at home, don’t forget the men’s non-slip socks and make sure that you always have a good stock of them!

Patterns and colours

For a classic, elegant look, choose the styles from the Business Classic range with neutral colours and geometric prints, perfect for your work outfit. If you love striped socks, Calzedonia offers several colours and pairings that you won’t want to miss, like galaxy blue or anthracite grey. To be a bit more daring and add a fashionable touch to your outfits, choose one of our patterns !


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