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Leather effect

Nothing says „confidence“ better than the leather legwear. And our Leather effect leggings will deliver exactly that . Slip inside to instantly transform yourself into a rock star, taking that bold look everywhere you go. The way these leggings move with your body is liberating in one hand and seductive in other, making sure you are noticed in any occasion. Don't underestimate their fashion message, there are many ways you can combine them and express their (and your) potential. Don't even start to think that you can't pull it off! To make an additional step, choose the Total shaper leggings and have the effect on the whole upper part of this fashionable legwear. There is no room for excuses, your silhouette will be impeccable as your style.If your expectations are still not met, we have two more cards in our sleeve. Models with pockets will surely satisfy your need for functionality besides the fashion urges. And in colder season, take advantage of Thermal Leather Effect Leggins that will keep you warm until the sun comes back. So go ahead, explore our whole Leather Effect Leggings collection and shop it online!

Leather effect

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