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Give a free rein to your fashion creativity with fun and colour, without compromising on style: Calzedonia gives you an enormous range of women’s tights and stockings to bring your style to the fore! From the basic models that will capture the attention with its simple elegance to patterned tights that make you modern and trendy with each step, you will undoubtedly be satisfied with our collection. Match your desired style with every season by choosing between sheer or opaque models in a wide range of deniers and colours. Body shaping tights will curve your lines in a silhouette of your dreams, shaping your tummy, hips and buttocks or applying compression to your legs. Fishnet tights are a perfect pair in the game of garment matching to achieve the best look for every occasion, so go ahead and experiment with a pair of leggings or colourful basic tights. Going on a date or planning a romantic evening with your partner? Opt for a pair of hosiery to give you an air of sophisticated femininity, or tulle tights with appliqués or embroidery for something even more unique. Truly, Calzedonia has you covered in your choices - making quality hosiery is what we do best.

Patterned or basic tights?

The Calzedonia collection of tights is designed to meet the tastes of all women, from the basic styles , such as the nude tights, ideal for making an impression with simple elegance, to the fishnet or patterned fashion tights for a modern and trendy style. Choose the style best suited to you from sheer, ultra-sheer or opaque tights, and select the color that you like best, from classic black to the more distinctive and bright shades!

Tights for every occasion

In order to accompany you also during the winter months, Calzedonia has designed a line of thermal tights ideal for keeping your legs warm without every having to say no to style and femininity. If you want to exalt your silhouette when you wear snug-fitting dresses and skirts, choose the shaping tights . They flatten your tummy and compress your hips and buttocks, enhancing your curves. Calzedonia has also designed special tights for pregnancy, guaranteeing support and comfort with the maternity styles.

Stay-up stockings: the ideal alternative

If you aren’t a big fan of tights and are looking for a sound alternative, then the Calzedonia stay-up stockings are the perfect solution for you! Add this sensual accessory to your everyday looks or for special occasions. Our large selection offers a multitude of styles, sheernesses, colors and trims to add an original and feminine touch to all of your outfits.

How to wear stay-up stockings and tights

Women’s tights are often the key element of every outfit. Match your favorite style with your dress and shoes, whether they are solid colors or original patterns. You don’t know how to wear stay-up stockings? This type of hosiery is ideal if worn under a formal dress, and also under a pair of pants to keep your legs warm without binding the waist.

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