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Basic tights

Just as their name says, basic tights are the foundation of every woman's hosiery collection. The number of styles you can find with this evergreen piece are beyond your imagination - they are a cornerstone in every look, even if you choose to wear them only as an undergarment. There are some considerations to be made prior to your purchase. The most obvious one is the benefit of each and every product. Calzedonia offers a wide selection of deniers, making sure you'll find the perfect basic tights for each occasion or even season. Sheer and ultra-sheer tights will give your legs all the attention they deserve, being as transparent as possible in various skin tones. On the other hand, they won't provide any protection from colder weather. This is where thick, opaque tights jump in: they will cover your legs and even bring them some warmth, especially if you choose the ones made from cotton or cashmere fibers. If you need even more from benefit, try some of the shaping styles, which will make your silhouette appear thinner and make you feel more comfortable in every outfit. Want more freedom in movement? Our seamless tights are the perfect choice to pair them with skirts or dresses without any notice. You can find a model even for maternity period, making sure those blissful days will pass in perfect comfort. Admit it - we got you covered for every occasion.
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