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Tall socks

Tall socks are so much more than just to keep you warm during the winter. Yes, they do that perfectly, especially if you wear them over a pair of tights, which are not always able to keep you warm by themselves. Calzedonia tall socks are produced from materials known for their comfort and quality. Cashmere tall socks and wool socks will do the trick in the winter, while cotton tall socks can take care of your style all year long. With different patterns in our collection you have a wide range of possibilities to look and feel good. Knee high socks are an excellent choice for the short skirt - choose among different patterns or opt for the ones with small appliqué details to lift up your look. Have you ever tried to wear them over a pair of basic leggings? Go ahead, it will open up a world of new possibilities with various combinations you can achieve with our assortments. If you need something more basic, our sheer and microfiber knee highs are the items you're looking for. Depending on the coverage and technical benefits you desire, you can start as low as 8 Deniers and go up to 60 Deniers. Surely you will find the ones you need, just browse around our long socks category and shop online!
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