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There is a reason why hold-ups are the first association with sexy and seductive look. Men are captivated by them and for women they have long been the perfect companions of style; this garment has truly won everyone’s heart! Hold-ups are a great alternative for those who don’t feel confident in tights: thanks to the silicone top, they give you a perfect hassle-free fit to the body. Calzedonia offers a wide variety of transparency, patterns, colours and details to make your look really stand out. Perfect in every season, from cashmere or microfibre in winter, to the sheer stocking or tulle in spring. Even on your wedding day, you can count on the highly elegant hold-ups with a silicone lined lace top and invisible toe for a touch of class. If you are bold, you can always try the sexy stockings that ensure you'll catch everyone's eye. Fancy a more playful style? Choose the hold-ups with fun details like hearts and polka dots forming a line on the back or little bows on the top for something less embellished; whereas if you want to make a big impression on a really special occasion, opt for the fishnets stockings. We can all find the most suitable pair for our own individual personality – perfect for any occasion.

How to include hold-ups in your look

Hold-ups are ideal for wear under a formal suit, as well as a summer dress, a floaty skirt or a nightdress. Thanks to their grip, they are comfortable and secure, while their unique look will finish off your outfit in style!

Perfect for everyday wear or for a special occasion!

If you prefer a simple accessory for daily use, the black hold-ups are ideal for you! Whereas if you would like a more playful look, choose the hold-ups with details such as hearts and polka dots or bows on the trim. If you want to turn heads on a particularly special occasion, the fishnet or lace hold-ups are sure to get you noticed! Or, choose the style with the white lace and silicone trim for a touch of class, even on your wedding day!

How to wear hold-ups

Wearing hold-ups has never been easier! Suitable for any season and available in different shades and fabrics, everyone will find the right style for their personality and the occasion.

How to find the right size for you

Want to buy a pair of hold-ups but don’t know which size to choose? This has never been a problem at Calzedonia! Check our size guide to find the right one for you.

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