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Have you noticed how socks have become a fashionable item everyone is trying to put in the center of attention? If you wish to be part of the trend, you are at the right place! Calzedonia offers a wide variety of women's socks, from the ones only you will know you're wearing to the long and over-the-knee socks for everyone to see. With each season our assorment of short socks is enriched with new styles and patterns, making sure you can align them with the chosen look. You can show them off wearing a short skirt or rolled-up leggings, but don't neglect the potential of basic models in different colours. On the other hand, if you want to keep your socks just for yourself, pick some of the no-show socks, ideal for summer walks or a workout in the gym. And while on the subject of summer, fishnet socks are the lightest item you can wear on your feet and they have excellent styling possibilites. Planning a romantic dinner? Over-the-knee socks are that all-time item your legs deserve to have! During winter time you'll appreciate our selection of long socks made from warm and quality yarns. If you need even more warmth, you will find our legwarmers an ideal solution (and their funny patterns will surely brighten up those cold days). Running around the house will be more fun if you do it in non-slip socks, so make sure to stock up for the whole year!

Long socks

If you are looking for women’s long socks to keep you warm during the colder months while still looking fashionable, Calzedonia’s vast range is ideal for you. Our various high-quality yarns ensure your comfort at any time of the year: cotton, sheer and microfibre for a simple style in all seasons; or cashere and wool for the colder months.

Ankle socks, pop socks and invisible socks

Women’s short socks are one of our most varied collections: with different colours, patterns, styles and fabrics suitable for every season and occasion, you’re sure to find what you need! If you want to hide your socks under your trainers or summer shoes, the Calzedonia pop socks and invisible socks are the ideal choice to protect your feet during the warmer months and allow them to breathe.

Socks for all situations: for sport and at home!

Don’t miss Calzedonia’s collection of fitness socks with ergonomic designs and graduated compression for maximum comfort when you exercise. Calzedonia also has your relaxing time at home covered: our range of non-slip socks made from soft and breathable materials will keep you extremely comfortable at home, as well as at the gym, for yoga or Pilates.

Choose socks in the most on-trend patterns and colours

There’s only one place to find women’s socks in the most fashionable patterns and colours for every season: Calzedonia. We are constantly updating our range with new styles and patterns to offer you unique outfits and on-trend looks. Choose from loads of original colours for a casual style or have fun with geometric patterns, polka dots and glitter for an even more fashionable look!


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