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Short socks

Women's short socks is one of the richest collections we have in our assortment. From basic to fashion ones, opaque or sheer, there are numerous patterns and colours for you to choose. And with every season, their numbers and styles increase. You can always count you'll find basic short socks in trendiest colours to pick. Produced from quality yarns, they will bring comfort to your feet and make you enjoy each second wearing them. Even though they are short, they can still protect you during the winter: cashmere, wool and thermal short socks are made with intention to bring warmth to your step. You can also make your choice based on opacity. Starting with 8 deniers sheer short socks to 50 deniers made from microfibre, you can pick just by colour or also choose among different patterns like dots, hearts and with appliquéd details. If you are aiming for a fashion statement, explore our patterned short socks – in our collection you can find various styles to pair with your outfit. Choose among socks with different appliquéd details that will make an ideal combination with your leggings or the ones with bows to make them speak for themselves. One thing is sure – once you start discovering them, you'll never want to stop shopping!

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