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Patterned tights

If you expect something extra from your hosiery, fashion tights come to the rescue! There are so many options that it can be hard to decide where to begin. Choosing a color might be a good start - Calzedonia offers coloured tights from basic black to some brighter variants. But that's just the first step. Next thing to decide is whether you need opaque tights, sheer tights or even the fishnet tights. Each of them will influence your look in a different way. Patterned opaque tights give you more warmth and coverage, while sheer tights will bring your legs in center of everyone's attention. Fishnet tights are perfect choice if you plan to combine them with our ripped leggings. Even on a pattern level you'll be confronted with choices. Polka dot tights are an absolute must-have in your wardrobe, while lace will make sure you look feminine in every occasion. Different embellishments are here to give the final touch to your look: bows, pom poms or floral details can be a winning combination from season to season, while glitter tights are here to make you sparkle on the party. Surely, with Calzedonia patterned tights you'll have a unique look throughout the year!

Patterned tights

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