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Control Top Tights

Control top tights with a shaping, slimming effect. Thanks to a thorough study of the tension and compression of the upper, it flattens the tummy and slims the silhouette, containing the hips and thighs.

Push Up Tights

Tights with push-up buttocks to enhance its shape even under tight fitting clothing. The differentiated structure of the upper has a “push-up” action to enhance the female silhouette.

Total Shaper Tights

The ultimate evolution in the field of shaping, for a 3D-effect silhouette. Tights carefully designed to enhance the silhouette providing full control for tummy, hips, bottom and giving light support to legs.

Action Tights

Perfect fitting for the maximum comfort. Designed to exert compression on the legs, for lightness and vitality. The superb fit guarantees utmost comfort. Ideal for anyone who spends a lot of time standing or for travelling.

Maternity Tights

Tights with inner panel which adapts to the shape of the stomach. The micromesh body provides increased support and the soft touch fabric on the legs gives a pleasant soft handle. Recommended for pregnant women who do not want to give up the pleasure of wearing tights.

Tights with Graduated Compression

Supporting tights with beneficial, revitalizing effects for refreshed, rested legs. The compression zones are distributed ideally and anatomically: the compression is greatest in the ankles, gradually decreasing on the calves and knee until it is very light on the thigh. Helps with good blood circulation which then reduces the symptoms of fatigue and swelling of the legs. Ideal for those who spend a lot of time on their feet and flying in airplanes.

Socks and stockings


Intended for everyday wear in all seasons. Recommended wear with very low cut footwear (pumps and ballerina flats).

Short socks

High quality short socks intended for everyday wear in all seasons. Choose lower or higher cut - whatever suits you best.

Long Socks and Knee High Socks

High quality long socks intended for everyday wear in all seasons. For those who don't like tights or hold-ups.

Maxi Knee-High Socks

Variety of over the knee socks. For those who don't like tights or hold-ups.

Stockings (for suspender belts)

Stockings to be worn with a suspender belt for extra femininity.


Recommended for those who do not like the waistband of tights.


Push Up Leggings

Leggings created to enhance feminine features thanks to a technical solution that sculpts and lifts, and a two-way stretch fabric cut and sewn to create the “push-up” effect on the derriere. Ideal for modern women who opt for comfort without giving up a current, seductive look.

Total Shaper Leggings

The specially designed fabric enhances the silhouette shaping the waist and the back side.

High Waisted Leggings

High waisted leggings emphasize your waist and ensure a flattering fit.

Skinny Leggings

Skinny leggings designed to emphasize your shape and silhoutte.

Bikini top

Triangle bras

Plunge style bra with triangular cups and no seams. Provides light support making it suitable for small and firm busts.


Deep-cut bras which enhance the neckline and are wired to lift the bust. Cup may be seamed or seamless. Suitable for all busts, but particularly loved by women who don't like too much padding. Classic "spectacle-shape".

Push-up and super push-up (wired)

Bras with special angled cups and wire further up the side of the cup. Enhances the bust by lifting and pushing it towards the centre of the chest. Greater volume is achieved through padding. May be seamed or seamless. Slightly padded or with super padding.

Push-up (no wiring)

This bra has a special internal structure replacing the wire at the centre. Enhances the bust by lifting and pushing it towards the centre of the chest. Greater volume is achieved through padding.

Bandeau (wired)

Strapless bra which may have padded cups, wiring and side boning to provide greater support, or non-padded with internal wire support. Inside edge with silicon elastic to ensure adherence.

Bandeau (non-wired)

Low-neck, padded bandeau, seamless and non-wired. The special "shell" structure inside the bra, supports and holds the bust firmly. Wide silicone underband to ensure excellent support.

Bikini bottom


Slightly high cut, may have varying side and waist measurements: low medium, high. The rear part of the garment covers the buttocks.

French knickers

Covers both buttocks and hips, may model slightly or cover, depending on fabric used. May be high, medium or low-waisted.

Thongs and brazilian cut

Front section similar to briefs with tiny rear section leaving buttocks uncovered. May be high, medium or low-waisted. The Brazilian Cut model has a wider rear section than the thong.



Calzedonia briefs have classic lines with medium-cut waist and slightly high-cut legs.



Calzedonia boxers may be soft long-length shorts or slightly shorter with closer fitting leg.

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