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Body shaping

Every woman dreams of a perfect silhouette. Curves are natural, but sometimes you might want to put them under control to be able to achieve a stylish look. Here at Calzedonia we have given much effort to help you get those lines just where you want them. Our shaping collection comes in wide spectrum of various opacities, all you need to do is to decide which part of your body you wish to attend to. Want to flatten your tummy so you can freely wear a tight dress? Control top tights will contour your stomach and hips in no time. If you'd rather focus only on your buttocks, you can carve them with our push up tights, lifting them just enough to reach that sexy line. But if you expect even more from our hosiery, opt for the total shaper tights. This ultimate piece will work on the whole lower part of the body - slimming your tummy, hips and buttocks, adding the push up effect and also taking care of your legs with graduated compression. Our body shaping tights from both basic and fashion collection are ideal choice for modern and charming look you plan for the parties and leisure time. Still, there are moments when you actually need them. For those who work in a standing position or spend a lot of time traveling, our action tights will give firm compression on the legs for lightness and vitality.

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