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Ladies' socks

Calzedonia offers a wide variety of women’s socks featuring comfortable fabrics, stylish designs and gorgeous colours. Enjoy choosing the perfect pair of socks for every occasion!

Women’s socks in various soft fabrics

Experience luxurious comfort with Calzedonia’s women’s socks, available in soft and comfortable fabrics. Find our natural cotton socks for women for an option great for all-year-round wear. For an alternative option, try our stylish collection of mesh ladies' socks for unmatched breathability and style. Discover our cashmere women’s socks for an option perfect for keeping your feet and legs warm even during the coldest of seasons.

Socks for women featuring unique style

Discover our wide variety of socks for women, featuring various unique and original styles. Add a touch of subtle glamour to your most fashionable outfits with our gorgeous selection of short socks featuring various patterns such as polka dots, tie-dye, and chevron motifs. Alternatively, try our long socks for more coverage and unlimited styling opportunities. If you prefer a discreet option, choose between our invisible socks and no-show socks for unmatched comfort.

How to style your women’s socks

Elevate your wardrobe and create endless fashionable outfits with Calzedonia’s broad collection of women’s socks. Combine a pair of pattern socks with our trendy jeans and your favourite trainers for a casual and everyday outfit you can wear when running errands. For a look perfect for all your girls’ nights out, style your women's socks with our leggings for an unmatched style. Try pairing our comfortable ladies' socks with our selection of cosy trousers and joggers to experience true luxury when lounging around the house.

Women’s socks with fashionable patterns

Select the perfect pair of socks, which are available in a range of fashionable designs, to showcase your unique personality. If you prefer a minimalist look, try our neutral toned socks in shades such as black, white, brown, and grey. For a more vibrant style, find our women’s patterned socks featuring heart prints, stripes and floral designs. Try our playful novelty pattern socks, featuring a variety of memorable characters and designs, for a touch of fun.

Women's socks

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