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Check the balance on your card

To check the balance of your gift card, please enter the following information.If you have converted an e-Gift Card into a physical card, please enter the new card number and the PIN you received in the shop to check the balance.

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Choose which gift card

The GIFT CARD is a nameless card issued to the holder by Calzedonia stores and it can be used immediately to purchase in our shops and website.

The E-GIFT CARD is a nameless card issued to the holder on Calzedonia online store that can be used to purchase online and in our stores. It is delivered by e-mail to the person indicated by the buyer at the time of purchase. To use it online, make sure to use the e-mail address on which you received the e-Gift Card. If you want to use it in store, you will need to communicate the PIN code that you will find in the e-Gift Card confirmation e-mail.

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