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Basic tights

A women’s fashion classic, basic tights are a must for every woman’s wardrobe and are often the fundamental part of every look. However, it’s not easy to choose between all the different colours, styles and opacities! Here are some aspects to consider when choosing the perfect Calzedonia tights for every occasion!

How to choose the right opacity

The most suitable opacity depends on the situation or season. Sheer tights are ideal for spring and summer: with very light shades that adapt to your skin tone, sheer and ultra-sheer tights flatter your legs, providing a more sensual and elegant look on formal occasions. On the other hand, opaque tights, in cotton or cashmere fibres, are great for the cold winter and are always fashionable in everyday situations.

How to choose the right colour

Black or skin-coloured? That’s a real dilemma for all women. Whether sheer or opaque, classic black tights are always the safest bet and are suitable for important meetings and business engagements, adding a chic effect to any outfit. Nude tights, however, are perfect for hiding imperfections, particularly in summer. But it’s important to choose the right shade for your skin tone!

Which style to choose

To enhance your silhouette, opt for shaping tights: they act on your tummy, hips and rear to flatter your curves and make you feel comfortable in your favourite outfits. The seamless styles offer comfort when you move and ease of movement even with skirts and dresses. Calzedonia has also thought about those special times like pregnancy, providing support and comfort with maternity styles.

What to wear them with

Regardless of opacity and colour, the right tights can make the difference. It’s important to choose the colour based on your dress and shoes, whether you’re looking for a total or contrasting look. In general, dark colours tend to streamline and slim, while more neutral colours provide a natural effect. For more extravagant and unique looks, you can also choose patterned styles like polka dot tights or striped tights.

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