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calzedonia group traceability calzedonia group traceability
Year founded
Castiglione delle Stiviere, ITALIA
Operation Category

2M s.r.l.

Located in the internationally renowned hosiery district of Castiglione delle Stiviere, the 2M hosiery mill was founded in 1965 by a family of local entrepreneurs, who continue to manage operations. Following the acquisition of the mill, the production equipment was modernised, and the plant expanded rapidly; today it employs around 184 people, in an area of some 16,000 square metres. The mill controls the whole production chain, from weaving to ironing and packaging men’s and women’s hosiery items.
Over the years, the production and quality control processes have evolved, but the experience and vocation the district is renowned for have remained unchanged, and the mill has maintained the enthusiastic, friendly atmosphere typical of a family-run factory. Shifts last 6 hours, and have been reduced precisely to allow workers to spend more time with their families.

calzedonia group traceability
Productive area, knitting cylinder machine
calzedonia group traceability
Yarn for socks production
calzedonia group traceability
Sock knitting
calzedonia group traceability
Detail of production and automatic packaging of the socks

Respect for the environment

calzedonia group traceability

All the energy used in the factory comes from renewable sources, and in 2020, this avoided the emission of over 1,200 tonnes of CO2e; in addition, a resolution was passed for the installation of solar panels to provide energy for the establishment. To encourage mobility with low environmental impact, making it easy to move between premises using electric vehicles, we are also promoting the installation of recharging columns, which are already present at 2M.


The people who work for us have always been our most valuable resource, and no presentation of our factories would be complete without a word from them. Here are the stories of those who produce our items every day:


calzedonia group traceability
My name is Renato, and I’m in charge of coordinating production demands with the staff in the weaving department. I obtained this role thanks to the experience gained working in the world of hosiery in the early 1980s. The time spent working...
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in the various production roles, first with tights and stockings and then with socks, gave me the skills to carry out my current tasks.
I feel at home here in 2M, because I’ve been with the company for so long: I was already a part of 2M when the company was bought over three years ago. What I like best about this job is the variety; I’m not a fan of doing the same repetitive tasks all the time. In short, for me, working for 2M means having an excellent job with a reliable company.
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calzedonia group traceability


Sono Renato e mi occupo di coordinare le esigenze produttive con il personale nel reparto di tessitura. Ho ottenuto questo ruolo grazie all’esperienza maturata lavorando nel mondo della calzetteria nei primi anni ottanta. Il tempo passato a lavorare...
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nei vari ruoli produttivi, prima con i collant e a seguire con i calzini, mi è servito per riuscire oggi a svolgere i compiti che ricopro.
Per me lavorare in 2M ormai è un po' come essere a casa, essendo in azienda da una vita. Infatti, facevo già parte di 2M quando tre anni fa l’azienda è stata acquisita. La cosa che mi piace di più di questo lavoro è la varietà, non amo molto la staticità e la ripetitività. Lavorare in 2M in definitiva significa, secondo me, avere un ottimo posto di lavoro legato ad un’azienda affidabile.
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