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Long Socks

Does your little boy need socks for school, sport or special event? On Calzedonia's webshop you can find a wide variety of boys long socks that will suit any need. Depending on occasion, opt for basic plain socks or make it special with stripes and cartoon characters. With patterned socks in many different colors, little feet can go wild! Pick his favourite color of long socks and he will be ready for the chilly outdoor adventures. In these situations, comfort and fit are of the outmost importance, but on the other hand, you'll also want to shop socks he can match to garments in his wardrobe. That's why it is necessary to ensure his sock drawer is always full of different choices - plain socks in various hues for sport or playful striped socks for being noticed. Choosing which long socks to wear might not be so easy, but no doubt, there is a pair of knee socks for every day in a week in our assortment. If you're thinking about buying a nice gift, boys socks are a great option! Be creative when picking a style to surprise him and bring out the smile on his face. Take a look and be inspired by our latest collection! There are so many to explore, so hurry up and pick the ones he will be happy to wear!

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