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Legwear has become the key accessory for many looks. If you want to follow the latest trends and add an extra touch to every outfit, you have come to the right place! Calzedonia offers a wide variety of women’s socks that varies depending on the style, fabric, color and pattern. Explore our full range of women’s socks to allocate the best pair for you, for any occasion.

​​Women’s long socks

If you are looking for women’s long socks that can warm you up during the winter months without you having to say no to a fashionable look, Calzedonia’s wide range of women’s socks is the best option for you. Our different quality yarns guarantee comfort for every season. With styles available in cotton, sheer and microfiber you won’t have to worry about frosty toes! For a more simple approach, shop cashmere and wool varieties for the colder months.

Short socks, no-show socks and invisible socks

Our women’s short socks collection feature one of our biggest ranges, designed to meet your needs. It will be impossible not to find what you desire with a endless colors, patterns, styles and fabrics suitable for all seasons and occasions. Alternatively, if you prefer to have a discreate look when wearing sneakers or summer shoes, the Calzedonia no-show and invisible socks are the ideal choice to protect your feet and let them breathe during the warmer months.

Women’s socks for all types of performance

Don’t miss out on the Calzedonia collection of activewear socks with their ergonomic design and graduated compression, our activewear styles provide absolute comfort during any and all sports activities. Shop our loungewear socks that will make those relaxing moments even better, with our line of slippers and legwarmers, made with soft and breathable materials.

Choose women’s socks with the trendiest patterns and colors

There is only one place where you can find women’s socks with the trendiest patterns and colors for every season, and that is Calzedonia. Our range continues to expand with on-trend styles and patterns, giving you the chance to create unique fashion combinations that tailor to your personality. Choose from countless original colors for a casual style, or have fun with geometric, polka dot and glitter patterns for an expressive look!

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