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Swim Briefs

The summer has arrived and the moment to choose what to wear on the beach has come for men, too. The Calzedonia men’s swim briefs line offers new fashionable swimwear perfect for the summer. Essential and classic, the men’s swimming briefs are the ideal solution for those who don’t want to wear baggy swim trunks. Check out the entire collection and choose those most suitable for you!

Why choose briefs?

As debated as they may be, men’s swim briefs are an alternative to absolutely take under consideration. Not only do they guarantee a perfect tan, but they also guarantee comfort and freedom of movement. The microfiber fabric, stretch waistband and front fastening in fact let you adjust the men’s swim briefs so you can swim trouble-free.

How to choose the perfect style

Calzedonia has designed different items based on shape, constraint and style. The low waisted men’s swim briefs features classic lines with a slightly higher leg line cut, ideal for slimming down your body. Show off a classic style by choosing dark and neutral shades, or be bold with camouflage, striped and majolica tile patterns. Choose your favorite and dive in with style!

Matchings and alternatives

Who said you definitely have to choose between briefs and swimming boxer shorts? Calzedonia men’s swim briefs are also designed to be matched with the trendier and more sought after swimming boxer shorts . Choose the color and style combination you like the most! If you want to add an alternative to your summer wardrobe, take a look at our new shorts styles!

Choose the right men’s swimming briefs size

With Calzedonia, choosing the size that guarantees you comfort and constraint has never been so easy! Consult our detailed size guide .

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