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No-show socks

Socks have become the fashion item which you actually don't want to hide beneath your legwear. However there are certain outfits and situations when you simply don't want them showing. Short socks are a great solution, but what if you wish to go one step further (or in this case, lower)? No show socks have come to the rescue! They are an ideal solution for light summer outfits where you want your feet to have at least some protection, but to be able to breath at the same time. No-show socks will make sure you don't need to contemplate how to combine them with other pieces in your wardrobe since they are hidden. But that doesn't mean they are stripped of any style and taste! Calzedonia makes sure each of our items will make you happy to wear – even if it's just you who are aware of it! After all, you are the one who chooses them! So have fun exploring different colors and patterns of our short(est) socks – you will surely be positively surprised with our collection! Buy no-show socks and enjoy the freedom they provide.

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